August 2019. Art&Code Creative Studio and Four Dots Digital Marketing Agency joined forces and established exclusive online graphic design and digital content service, Infostarters

Infostarters is an online service platform that allows businesses to get digital or print marketing tools through a simple ordering system. 

Infostarters is a project established by Art&Code Creative Studio and Four Dots Digital Marketing Agency that have more than 16 years of combined experience in their respective fields. 

Vladan Dobrenov, the CEO of Infostarters said that he got the idea more than 5 years ago. “More and more of our clients came asking for content creation services in addition to our design work. At that point, I would simply send them to Four Dots and you could say that we became unofficial partners with the first client we worked on together. But somewhere along the road, I thought – why not officiate the relationship” said Dobrenov. 

Over the years, Four Dots and Art&Code collaborated on numerous projects for international clients from different industries. They have experience in delivering diverse content and design solutions for brands who are looking to develop a unique visual identity and establish a strong online presence. 

Infostarters is an online platform where it is possible to get either design or content research and creation services or both. They offer custom illustration and icons design, infographic, eBook, and brochure design, infographic, eBook, and brochure content research and creation.

The platform bridges the gap between a quick turnover rate and quality design. As such, Infostarters offers the speed of delivery of an online service and the quality of work completed by an agency. 

Infostarters was officially launched in August 2019. They have physical offices in New York, Hong Kong, and Serbia but offer their services in English and Serbian to clients around the globe. For more information, visit

Posted by Raul Harman