Thorough and consistent client reporting is a complicated process that often revolves around two key objectives:

  • Providing details on where the client is spending money and what changes have occurred since the previous report;
  • Shining a light on overall client investments and how they influence their business for the better.

That’s it. In reporting, everything revolves around providing the client with transparency and the reasons behind particular marketing-related activities.

Even though it sounds simple enough when it’s described bluntly, in practice – client reporting is an exhausting process that tends to drain a lot of your valuable time and resources. Latest reports claim that most digital marketing freelancers and agencies waste 5 or more hours each month per client on reporting.

Client reporting is no longer a thing that is done as a pure formality. It’s a tool that drives intelligent marketing strategies, analyzes key insights and influences future marketing-related activities for the better, and as such, it requires a lot of work.

The rule of one-size-fits-all doesn’t apply here. Digital marketing freelancers and agencies cannot produce the same reports for all of their clients. They cannot just stuff different numbers into the same formats and deliver them to their clients if they want to continue doing business with them.

When it comes to marketing reporting in 2017, client expectations are far more sophisticated, diverse, and demanding. Different clients want different content in their reports. They want it presented differently, and in the time and shape that is most convenient for them.

This naturally makes reporting far more complicated and demanding than most marketing professionals want it to be. Quality client reporting is probably the most important element of client retention, so it cannot be outsourced or assigned to lower level employees. It’s just too important. But, on the other hand, it cannot be handled this way either.

This is where using quality software can make a difference.

In this particular case – using Reportz.

Introducing Reportz

Reportz is a white label reporting software, created by the people who stand behind Four Dots, an experienced digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO and link building. This is their third in-house product (right after and Dibz), and probably the best one yet.

Even though the beta version of Reportz has been available to various testers for quite some time now, the company has finally finished adding the finishing touches to their latest marketing utility.

Reportz is an interesting tool, created to speed up and improve the overall process of client and management reporting. Its entire system is oriented at saving time and resources, cutting the stress from the scenario of client and management reporting, and providing the user with an opportunity to almost effortlessly finish all the work that needs to be done in this department.

The general idea behind this software was to provide you, the user, with a chance to finish your entire monthly client reporting in 5 minutes, instead of 5 hours, which will naturally make the whole reporting game a lot more manageable and affordable.

So, How does it Work?

This tool basically eliminates the need for using Excel spreadsheets and PPT documents. By adding ever-accessible, real-time automatic marketing KPI dashboards to the picture, it saves agencies and various marketing freelances a bundle of time and resources that they used to waste on manually collecting weekly and monthly data for their reports.

With just a couple of clicks, users can import all the data they need into one platform, and from there, craft powerful marketing reports according to their needs and desires.

Reportz is one of those tools that is extremely easy to use. Thanks to its highly-intuitive user interface, users won’t face any difficulty or confusion while setting up their account. All you basically need to do is integrate your favorite sources with Reportz and start working on your first dashboard.

To set up your first dashboard, all that is required of you is to add your data sources, name your dashboard, choose a template for it, set the style, and click on the “Create a new dashboard now” button.

As easy as pie!

From there, you can add, correct, or cut anything you want, in order to make your dashboard and reports just perfect.

Reportz has no hidden functions, nor does it demand any prior experience in order to use it to the max. All the features are illustrated and positioned where anyone can see them.

The Specifics

Like any other marketing reporting automation tool, Reportz allows users to collect, filter, merge and display all the data they need in order to complete highly-detailed and informative reports for those who request insightful feedback from them.

However, unlike most utilities that fall under the same category of automated reporting, Reportz was born out of sheer need, which means that it has some key features that other tools are still missing:

  • The option to freely select the beginning and end date for your report – Unlike other automated reporting utilities, it provides the user with a feature that allows setting a custom date range in their reports. This means that users can select predefined time periods (like weeks, months, and years) and custom ones (like specific dates).
  • Free personalization and branding options – Reportz gives users the unique ability to fully dress their reports to their client’s liking, by adding their logo, brand colors and background, for zero dollars.
  • Comprehensive dashboards with custom KPIs – Reportz collects, merges and filters data from almost all relevant marketing tools out there. It allows the user to combine and compare different widgets from, for example, Ahrefs, SEMRush and Google Analytics in one dashboard.
  • Integrate different widgets – The combinations and integrations are unlimited. You can add an infinite number of widgets and successfully monitor ridiculously big and confusing project from a single dashboard.

Over to You

Reportz is a pretty solid marketing utility that truly has the potential to help everyone interested in giving it a chance to improve their client and management reporting process. If you really want to cut all the mind-numbing work from this exhausting, but important part of your business – be sure to give Reportz a try!

Posted by Dan Radak

Dan Radak is a marketing professional with eleven years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites.