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L. Derek Eldridge is a well-known expert, writer, and editor in the world of technology, with over 15 years of experience. Recognized for his foresight in industry events, developments, and trends, Eldridge has worked for some of the most notable tech websites, pushing the boundaries in the edgy world of tech and business news. Beyond his work, Eldridge is passionate about teaching and sharing responsible and sophisticated approaches to tech reviews and news through conferences, public speeches, and mentoring young people interested in technology. His knowledge and recommendations promote a superior form of sports betting that prioritizes integrity for both operators and customers.

Best Ways to Stream Live TV in 2024

So you’re ditching cable in 2024? Ditch the confusion too! This blog breaks down the best live TV streaming services out there. We’ll cover everything to make sure you don’t end up lost in a maze of remotes and buffering...

/ July 1, 2024

New IDNs – Internationalized Domain Names – Bridging Digital Divides

The Transformative Role of IDNs and gTLDs in Shaping a Global Internet In an era where the Internet has become a pivotal cornerstone of society, the quest for a truly global and inclusive digital space is more pertinent than ever. ...

/ March 7, 2024