Although all things considered, it is always best to buy a desktop configuration, the G771JM is more than just worth a glance. It is one of those laptops which can easily get on par with some of the strongest configurations and it will be a great investment for those who wish to have a laptop for the upcoming few years without having to worry about their great getting too old. Moreover, with its delicate design you will have a beast of a machine that will also look amazing; but looks can be deceiving, and with this laptop, you will notice that the performance is more than just acceptable.


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Performance: the verdict

This laptop comes with the latest generation i7 processor that is sure to leave every competitor behind; not only is it strong, but it can withstand heavy loads like nobody’s business. As you can see, the benefits of laptops with this configuration is big. With its massive RAM available combined with its great processing power, it comes as no surprise that it can handle current high-end games in ultra-resolution, and it will do so in the future as well. Its screen is also great for not just gaming but for watching movies in full HD which will surely leave you breathless.

A look on the inside

The G771JM is a great piece of art with even greater specs that make this laptop stand out from the others. Not only can it handle processes, but it will even ask for more, and with its sleek design, it will be easy to keep it cool, even under the heaviest of loads; but make sure that you give it some breathing time as well. The installed components, which might vary in some cases, are put together so that maximum power can be utilized without having to sacrifice anything.

The different features of the laptop

Having great performance is not enough nowadays to make a good gaming laptop, you need to have something that will separate you from the rest. The ASUS ROG G771JM has many great features that will enable the laptop to fully utilize its power output and to create the best experience a gamer could receive; and it will do it so seamlessly. Remember that it carries the Republic Of Gamers logo for a good reason, because it can handle gaming at a pro level, so that you can enjoy gaming as it was meant to be, without any glitches or issues.


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Is it a power-hungry beast?

In general any good gaming laptop will need a lot of power to work, but the G771JM is well configured so that it has a long battery life even when playing games; however, in order to utilize the most this laptop has to offer, and to conserve your battery, it is very important that you should stay plugged in. However, counting a more than just a couple of hours while playing high-demand games, this laptop can proud itself with an outstanding battery that is sure to deliver no matter what.

The future of high-end gamer laptops

Certainly, the G771JM is one of the few laptops which are going to set the course for the future of gaming laptops and how things should be put together, and it is only the beginning. For now we have seen many attempts to achieve the perfect rig, and this laptop has come very close to becoming the ultimate gaming laptop there is. But, in the future, expect to see similar stylish designs and configurations that will make gamers around the world drop their jaws when they see the pure amazing power a laptop offers.

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