Technology is evolving at a rapid rate, and before you even know it, you can have something you only dreamed about for so long. Though, nowadays, you will see many new technological marvels, but only a few can be counted as something truly amazing. Remember that although a new idea might be great as a concept, it might be in need of some bug ironing to make it perfect.

Create Your Own Army of Robots

Ever wanted to create your own army of robots? Well, with CellRobot you can now have an easy-to-build kit that will allow you create almost any shape. Moreover, you will be able to control the robot and make it do interesting feats. Your imagination is the only limit, and you should challenge yourself in any way possible to make the most out of your robots. Be careful how you use them though, because even if they are extremely flexible and adaptable, there are still things even robots will be unable to do.


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Keep Yourself Warm and Charge Your Phone

Even if heated jackets are not a new idea in general, Ravean, is different from the usual concept. Not only does it offer a layer of heat source to keep your jacket warm and cozy, but, it will have an exceptionally long battery life, guaranteed. And, if you find that you have excess power to spare, be sure to bring your phone’s charger, as you will be able to charge your phone up as well. Just remember to bring enough batteries with yourself if you are going on a longer journey.

Wireless Music on a Different Level

Listening to your music always meant that you had to find your earbuds and they were usually tangled up, well, not anymore. With the Skybud solution, not only will your buds be wireless, but they will be able to hide and charge up in your smartphone’s case. You will not even notice that you have earphones on you and with a few simple clicks, you will be listening to your favorite band. Just make sure to have your phone nearby when you are in call, so that you do not seem too weird.

A Mug That Measures How Much Your Drink

The ePint is an amazing product and app that will measure exactly what you drank, and how much. And although it might seem like a bad idea, it will be great, because the app will know exactly when to call it quits and help you get home, safely, without getting into any kind of accidents. The main purpose of this device is to ensure that you have a good time.

Keep your eyes peeled, as there is more new technology on the horizon, waiting to just happen. But, do not be fooled to rush into buying something as soon as it comes out, as you might not even know if it works. Always leave some breathing room for the new inventions to have, so that you can really evaluate if it is going to be worth your time, or no. But, be sure to try it out first, so that you can get a feel of it, and test it prior to purchase.

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