Traveling requires a lot of work, planning and effort – so, in order to help yourself, install some of those nifty little apps ready to be used on your smartphone. They can assist you in organizing, packing and paying while travelling and here are ten of the most useful ones.


When it comes to choosing your destination, Roadtrippers proves its versatility by creating a travel schedule and a map for your USA road trip. The possibilities for this are limitless and this app will certainly choose the one suiting you the most.

Ship Mate

Similarly, Ship Mate is unavoidable when planning a cruise. It will provide you information on the available routes and also show you pictures taken from the decks. It also includes a comment and review section, so you can read what you can expect.



This app compares prices of airfares and gets you the best and cheapest ones. However, Hopper goes beyond including just the present-day tickets and predicts their future prices, advising you when you should travel and buy tickets for certain places. This way, your only job is to choose a destination.

Travel Math

Before embarking on a journey, set a budget and decide how much you are willing to spend. In order to make these calculations as precise as possible, use Travel Math on your iOS and Android. It will not only assist with your finances, but also with measuring distances and how long your travel will be. It is ideal for analytical and precise travelers.

Pack Point

After you have finally organized your trip, it is important to know how to pack all the essential items you may need. Based on where you are going and what your plans are, Pack Point will suggest which items you must not forget. Some people have a problem packing and deciding what to take with them, so an app like this saves a lot of time and energy.



Since almost all of our pre-travel information come to us via emails, keeping them in your smartphone is a wise thing do, but TripIt is an even better idea. By collecting all your confirmation emails into its system, this app basically creates your itinerary and always keeps it only a click away. Instead of searching through your inbox, install this app and do it in a stress-free way.


If you do not want to walk around an unfamiliar town looking for a new place to eat every single day, this is the app for you. Urbanspoon locates restaurants, pubs, bars, cafés, etc. near your location using your phone’s GPS system. In addition to being provided tons of unexplored venues, you will also be able to read previous visitors’ comments and even take suggestions from locals.

Hotel Tonight

Whether you own an Apple-, Windows- or Android-powered device, traveling without an app that takes care of last minute hotel reservations is just senseless. Hotel Tonight gives you a chance to find a suitable and affordable accommodation wherever you are and whenever you need it.

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This is probably the most efficient way to organize transport for you and your friends. Using Lyft, you can hail a car, automatically pay for it and get to another part of the city in no time. It is perfect for people visiting big cities for the first time and it is so popular that even celebrities like Conan O’Brien, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart are using it.

Other Suggestions

Among other things you might need while traveling are currency converters, dictionaries, weather predictions and local newspapers and magazines, so be sure to download and install apps that handle these things as well.

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