Online videos have now become staple content for many marketers to cut through the digital noise. Today’s potential customers love watching videos about a brand they’re interested in. From tutorial videos to educational explainer videos, they jump into YouTube and other social media platforms just to watch the engaging marketing medium.

The best thing about video marketing is that you can create them yourself with video marketing tools. So, even when you’re a small business with a shoestring budget, you can still utilize videos to grab potential customers’ attention and engage them.

Here are some of the top video marketing tools you can use to create videos for your website:

#1. Filmora

With Filmora, you can create professional-looking videos with little effort. It’s a user-friendly video editing tool that is packed with features like text effects, filters, and transitions. 

You can also add voiceovers and music to your videos to make them more engaging. In other words, it has all the basic features you need to create a quick, straightforward marketing video. Filmora is available as a desktop app and online app.

#2. Shakr

You’ll definitely need Shakr if you want to create stunning marketing videos. This video maker tool allows businesses to create or edit videos, even translate their text into animated GIFs that are shareable on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

It has a drag-and-drop interface with customizable background music choices for each slide of your video. Another great thing about Shakr is that you can preview your video before you publish it, ensuring that it looks great and represents your brand well.

 #3. Powtoon

When you consider creating animated marketing videos, Powtoon is one of the best tools out there. With Powtoon, you can create explainer videos, product demos, and even whiteboard animations. No design skills are needed!

Powtoon also comes with a library of built-in assets like characters, props, and backgrounds. This makes it easy for you to create high-quality animated videos without having to hire a professional animated video company.

#4. Camtasia

If you want to create a screencast video to show your customers how to use your SaaS app or product, Camtasia is one of the best video marketing tools you can find. It allows you to effortlessly record your screen devices and voice at the same time so they don’t have to edit it later on. Camtasia also comes with a library of built-in assets and templates to help you quickly create videos.

You can also use it to add annotations, callouts, and other interactive elements to your screencast videos. This makes them more engaging and helps keep the viewer’s attention focused on the video.

#5. VideoScribe

VideoScribe is a great video marketing tool for creating whiteboard explainer videos. It allows you to create animated videos with ease using a number of templates and built-in graphics. One feature that sets VideoScribe apart is the ability to draw over your screen while recording yourself at the same time.

The resulting animation looks just like hand-drawn sketches on an actual whiteboard. With VideoScribe, you can create videos in minutes and add your own voiceover to give them greater depth and more impact among viewers.

#6. Videoshop

Videoshop is a great option to create your social videos. This mobile video marketing app lets you add text, music, filters, and even transition effects to your videos at your fingertips.

What’s great about Videoshop is it has a huge library of built-in assets for all kinds of videos like intros, outros, stickers that are free to use. You can also choose from their advanced options or create your own video by using its editing features.

#7. TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is a must-have tool if you’re uploading videos to YouTube. With TubeBuddy, you can schedule your video uploads without having to log into your account every time. You don’t have to worry about limited characters and descriptions as well because TubeBuddy helps boost the SEO of your video titles and description,s so they rank higher in search results.

TubeBuddy also comes with a “traffic light system” that makes it easy for you to see how well your videos are doing. You can set up alerts as well so TubeBuddy sends you a notification when something happens on your YouTube account.

#8. Vidyard

Vidyard is a video-hosting platform that helps you track video performance. It comes with all the basic features like password-protecting your videos, embedding them on other websites, and sharing across different social media platforms.

But what sets it apart is its analytics feature that allows you to monitor conversion rates of people clicking links in your video descriptions or thumbnails. This helps you tweak things like the video’s thumbnail and description to improve conversions.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it! Those are eight top video marketing tools that you can use to create engaging, high-quality videos so that you can take your video marketing strategy to the next level– regardless of the video distribution channels you’re using. Try out one or more of these tools and see how they can help boost your business’ sales!

Posted by Raul Harman