Nowadays, in the world of online businesses and services, everyone has to meet with the term user-friendly. If you want to hire a web design company to achieve this, you can see more details by checking relevant sources of information online and well-known web design companies.

You must have heard a lot about the importance of UX and about how it can mean the future of your online business. But what exactly is a user-friendly webshop like? What elements should a webshop contain for visitors to have a positive experience with the site, and how can it boost your conversions?

Here are 7+1 tricks that are essential to improve your conversion rate, and to make your webshop user-friendly!

1.The importance of colors

Yes, good old colors. Colors can make your web store logical, clear, and aesthetic. You have to consider 3 important factors when you choose a color:

  1.  You need to be aware of the colors of your business. It is important for your webshop to have a distinctive color from which visitors associate with your online store.
  1. The text colors of the front colors must be well separated from the background. It can make your page clear and aesthetic, which is a basic element of user-friendly pages. Here we want to highlight that a well-chosen CTA is also of huge importance as it will be what puts the icing on the cake, it will be the main element if your goal is conversion boosting.

Be bold, take on new style CTAs, break away from the traditional. People’s stimulus threshold is at a very high level now, so you have to stand out from the crowd if you want to be successful. Be creative.

  1. You have to consider it to avoid very flashy and contrasting colors. Very contrasting colors can deter users and arouse doubts in them. Stick to clean colors that can fit your business image.

2. The opinion of your visitors is important

Who can tell you what is missing from your site if not your regular visitors? Ask your visitors what they think about your webshop, or what you might need to change. 

With this method, you can specifically shape your web store to your visitors. By using it, you can not only turn your online business into a user-friendly site, but you can also increase visitor loyalty and conversion rate. Your returning customers will feel that their opinion is important, and this can reduce the chances of buying from a competitor’s site.

A website tailored to the needs of your visitors will be completely transparent and logical for the people who are relevant to you. As a result, the dropout rate will decrease greatly and your cart activity will increase.

There was a situation when a company used this method. Their returning visitors were asked about their opinions and they used their ideas too. The result was a 35% increase in revenue.

I hope I convinced you.

3. The speed of your webshop can be crucial

Sorry, the page has taken too long to load. How annoying is that? You must have encountered this error message and maybe you thought it was because of the internet. But unfortunately, this is not the case. Many times you meet this message due to the lack of user-friendly settings, such as speed.

The loading speed of your webshop is one, if not the most important factor. Users expect lightning-fast loading times, and if that does not happen, they will leave your page mercilessly. 

Users wait an average of 2 or 3 seconds for the page to load, then leave it. To prevent this, you have to deal with the speed of your webshop, and contacting a reputable company for web design in Essex would be a great start. Also, Google’s Page Speed Insight is a good site to get some tips about how you can increase your online store’s speed, and of course, it is fully free.

4. Mobile and desktop optimization 

Many web interfaces are still only computer-optimized and completely useless on mobile. This can lead to a lot of potential buyers or users losing your web store because most people already use smartphones for browsing.

Although mobile optimization is a time and money-consuming process, believe us, this is a must step if you want to increase your conversion rate. To illustrate the significance of this process with an example: – Let us say you are running an advertising campaign through social media. To be even more specific, you are running this campaign on Facebook. 

Facebook is used by 82% from a mobile device. If your visitors come to a non-mobile-optimized page via a link to your website, this ad campaign is sure to fail. Do not get me wrong, not because your ad is not effective enough, but simply because people are unable to do anything on the website from mobile.

This is a must if you want to increase your conversions or you just want to keep it at that level. Do not spare the time and energy to make your site user-friendly to phone as well. 

5. Catch the 404 pages

For users, a 404 page should be one of the most worrying phenomena. Page 404 is an error message that means the page you are looking for cannot be found. This can be scary, but why is it a problem if someone encounters such a site?

If a potential customer finds such a site, then there is a good chance that their trust will be shaken, they will find the webshop frivolous and they may never buy from it. To avoid this, here are some ideas to reduce the risk of 404 pages.

  1. Create a custom 404 page. This does not reduce the user experience or may even increase it. With a unique page, you can suggest, “yes, we are sorry, but we still work on the site a lot.”
  1. You have to regularly check the number and location of “not found” pages. This will minimize the chances of any of your potential visitors meet with such a site which will not damage the user experience.

6. Use images 

By using images, you can make your webshop airier and clearer. This greatly increases the user experience because users do not see just a text interface. 

It is also important to add images that are relevant to the theme of your store. Also, it does not hurt if the colors in the pictures match with each other and with your store too. This way, you can avoid having a color cavalcade on your page, which can degrade the user experience.

Nowadays, the use of vector graphics is becoming more common. Why is this good? Because these graphic elements are not pixelated, they remain of the same quality even after magnification, which does not detract from the overall picture and refers to professionalism. An illustration of this is the utilization of free SVG icons, which are web-friendly vector file formats suitable for various purposes. Moreover, they can be directly written into the HTML document.

We definitely recommend that you have vector graphics in your webshop. Make sure that the permanent elements of your logo or website are created in this form. An excellent program for making these is Adobe Illustrator, for which you can find a little tutorial here.

7. A good header can do wonders

A good header is essential so that visitors do not get lost on your page.

With a well-designed heading, you can increase your site’s navigability. Always use well-worded keywords. This allows your visitors to get to where they want quickly and easily.

Avoid creating too many subpages, because this will reduce the transparency of your page. Strive for simplicity and clarity because people do not like to have to search a page a lot.

8. The importance of the continuous investigation

If you have accepted our advice, your webshop can be classified as a user-friendly site now. However, we advise you not to sit back yet, because you still have work to do, unfortunately. 

You should keep track of your webshop activities then. Why is this important? Because based on that you can change your site. You can track what activities your users do on your site and what does not work the way you planned. 

A perfect option for that is a heatmap for example. This will show you which parts of your page are the most visited and least visited.

I hope you accept the advice and your conversion rate will increase.

Posted by Raul Harman

Editor in chief at Technivorz and business consultant. I like sharing everything that deals with #productivity #startups #business #tech #seo and #marketing