Did you know that there are all sorts of smartphone accessories beyond standard cases? You can add smartphone camera lenses, virtual reality headsets, portable chargers, Bluetooth speakers, and more. Each one makes your smartphone even cooler than it is alone. Take a look at these seven trends to watch in mobile accessories.

Camera Lenses and Flash Components

camera lens

You can download some really great picture editing apps, but they can only do so much to improve the quality of the photos you take with your smartphone. Smartphone cameras have definitely improved in recent years, but most photographers still wouldn’t dream of completely replacing their digital camera with a smartphone camera. However, there are a few products on the market that can help you come close. You can buy camera lenses that mount to your smartphone to improve picture quality. You can also buy adapters that can improve your smartphone’s flash capabilities.

Smartphone Keyboard Attachments

phone keyboard

It was only a few years ago when cellphones had built-in, mechanical keyboards. It was actually the BlackBerry’s signature feature. However, most cellphone manufacturers have since gotten rid of their physical keyboards in favor of touchscreen keyboards. If you’re one of those people who wishes you didn’t have to write texts using Swype, you can actually buy an external keyboard to use with your smartphone. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes — some actually clip right onto your phone, and others fold up for storage when they’re not in use.

Portable Smartphone Chargers


Short battery life is one of the major complaints of smartphone owners, especially for people who use them a lot while gaming or surfing the internet. To combat the problem, you can buy a portable smartphone charger to give your smartphone extra juice while you’re on the go. This is a great accessory because it’s small enough to store in your pocket and it works on phones that don’t have a removable battery. You simply charge the portable charger at night like you do your smartphone so it’s ready to go during the day.

Gaming Controllers


People love gaming on their smartphones, but games are mostly limited to touchscreen interactions. Recently, several companies have introduced gaming controllers that you can attach to your smartphone for a more traditional console style gameplay. Game manufacturers like Nintendo are even working on their own game controller accessories. You can expect to see an onslaught of new mobile games that require game controllers in the near future. Console gaming is out and mobile gaming is in.

Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets

vr headset man

Another trend in mobile accessories is the virtual reality headset. Several models have made their way onto the market to give gamers a totally immersive experience. For instance, the LG G5 smartphone is built to partner with the LG 360 VR headset. You attach your phone to the VR headset and then either control your game with a Bluetooth game controller or the simple motion of your head. This is pretty awesome, and it takes mobile gaming to a whole new level.



Headphones aren’t a new smartphone accessory, but they’ve experienced a lot of improvements in recent years. Most have turned to Bluetooth connectivity, but you can still find many excellent headphones that plug into your smartphone. You can even add the Boomstick peripheral, which enhances the high-tone frequencies, bass, and soundstage of the music you’re listening to. It’s compatible with most headphones and plugs directly into your smartphone’s headphone jack.

Portable Speakers

portable speaker

If you’re not a fan of listening to music while wearing headphones or you want to share your music with your friends, you can find all sorts of impressive-sounding portable speakers. Some even act as docking stations that charge your smartphone, but most use Bluetooth. You can find both mini-speakers and larger, higher-quality speakers.

Although there might be many other smartphone accessories that you’d like to see in the future, these are just a few of the current trends.

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