Giving your plants the finest start to life is essential, as healthy starts promote quick, robust growth. Too often, people assume that the most critical phases of a cannabis plant’s life cycle are the vegetative and blooming periods. However, a poorly planned germination strategy could make or break your next harvest. 

Starting with seeds or using clones are your two main options for cultivating your cannabis. If you decide to start from seed, you’ll need to understand how to get marijuana seeds to germinate. The best way to find out what works for you is to experiment with marijuana germination, as even experienced growers disagree on the optimal techniques for germination.

This article discusses how to germinate marijuana seeds fast. 

1. Select The Right Seeds


Start with the best seeds you can buy online or from friends for the best outcomes. Depending on your preferred cannabis effects or the demand in the market, choose between indica and sativa. Additionally, you can select cheap marijuana seeds from dozens of strains.

Purchase feminized seeds if possible. Feminized seeds will yield more buds as the plants grow because they will yield the massive buds that cannabis enthusiasts desire from their plants. While using feminized seeds won’t guarantee 100% female plants, they will significantly improve your chances over the 50/50 possibilities of using regular seed selection.

2. Inspect The Seed

Before planting, it is best to give your seeds a quick (and careful) inspection, regardless of where you obtained them. All seeds will usually sprout; low-quality seeds result in a weaker plant. Regretfully, you won’t learn about that until much later in the vegetative and flowering phases. 

Darker-colored seeds have a better chance of germination, so try not to be discouraged if your seeds don’t turn out to be pale green or white. Dark seeds should still be sown even if they appear slightly damaged. Even with some crushing to the outer shell, there’s a significant possibility they will still germinate.

3. Provide The Appropriate Germination Temperature


There are a few golden guidelines for germination. Temperature is one of the most important aspects to consider. Temperature serves as a cue to seeds to seek moisture, even in the tiniest amounts.22° to 25°C (71–77°F) is the optimal temperature range. Always keep your growing space moist but not soggy. A range of 70% to 90% is ideal for relative humidity. 

Fluorescent Lighting is preferred by seeds (Cool White code 33). Reduce how much you handle seeds. 5.8–6.2 is the optimal pH range for hydroponic/rockwool plugs.

4. Ensure Constant Air Circulation

Your cannabis seeds need fresh air to germinate. Therefore, it provides a steady stream of air into the growth space for the plant to grow fast. For example, you will need to control hot and cold air inside the growth space as the plant will need a complete air exchange during its growing space.

Without proper airflow, the indoor space for marijuana plants will experience changes in humidity that will affect germination. High humidity can also cause pest manifestations such as mold or mildew.

5. Provide Proper Lighting


All your seed or young seedling needs are fluorescent or CFL growth lamps. Although light is necessary for plants to grow, too much of a good thing might harm cannabis during the first few weeks of its life. Place lights 15 cm or so away from the seeds. You can move the lights as near as 5cm once your seedling develops its first true leaves, which will have jagged edges. 

Put your hand between the lights and the foliage if you are worried about hurting your seedling. Move the lights 2 cm away if you can’t hold your hand there for 10 seconds without it being too hot. Continue until the temperature feels comfortable to you.

Young seedlings develop quickly, so you must continually adjust the Lighting to achieve the best results. After two weeks of growing under fluorescent lights, you can move to powerful HPS or MH-style grow lights.

6. Know When To Fertilize.

Depending on the growing medium you’re using, you may or may not need to provide any nutrients for the first two to three weeks of feeding. The soil will have plenty of nutrients; after a week or so, even coco won’t need more nutrients. If you use hydroponics or coco to grow, add nutrients at 0.25x their usual strength. 

Increase this by 0.25 for each set of leaves after the first set appears. However, novices should use a soil medium. It’s the least harsh if you make mistakes and enables you to learn the nuances of cannabis cultivation more effectively.

7. Give Time To Grow


Little interference is needed during the first several weeks of a seedling’s growth. Lighting and nutrients will both require minor adjustments. But now that your seed has sprouted, you have a few weeks of grace. Enjoy the development of your cannabis plant while you kick back and unwind.

After the first few weeks, you can treat your seedling like a vegetative stage plant by following precise lighting guidelines and using full-intensity light. Always remember the golden rules during germination, and if in doubt, consider if you have established “springtime conditions.”

It usually takes a few days to a week or longer for your seeds to begin sprouting into plants. The first tiny taproot to emerge will be triggered by three essential factors: warmth, moisture, and darkness. 

Bottom Line

All that is needed for a seed to germinate is to produce a taproot, which will act as its primary root system when it grows in the soil. If marijuana seeds don’t germinate, you have unknowingly committed specific errors. Though some seeds will inevitably fail, and achieving 100% germination is unattainable, there is always an opportunity to improve your outcomes. 

For sprouting, cannabis seeds typically prefer a temperature between 70° and 90° Fahrenheit. Providing your cannabis seeds with optimal growth conditions will guarantee a strong and robust plant. You could still have a few unsuccessful seeds even with the best growth practices and equipment available. Following these steps will lead to successful germination.

Posted by Raul Harman

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