Does your car lack enough storage room? Worry less! Your SUV or truck’s trunk and storage area can get full quickly, but your roof rack is a valuable resource you may have yet to think of.  

With some imagination, the roof rack can be used creatively to make your vehicle carry more. It can be used as a second storage level, from waterproof bins to bike racks. This article will explore different ways to get the most out of your roof rack.  

Being light on the inside and full of gear on the outside is possible if you think outside the body. Read on to find out how to store things in your car or truck so that you can make the most of every space. 

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1. Pack Lightly Yet Efficiently 

Finding ways to pack everything you need for a weekend camping trip while keeping the load light and aerodynamic is one of the hardest things during adventures. But there is a great way to get around this problem with your roof rack.  

Instead of packing your SUV full of stuff, use the roof to store light and heavy things like tents, sleeping bags, blankets, and pads. Put these in strong trunk organizers or storage bins, and use straps to keep them in place on the roof rack. This clears up valuable room inside, keeping your gear clean and safe from damage. 

Additionally, you can take this idea one step further by adding crossbars to your roof rack. The extra bars make it easy to lay your gear out lengthwise, making the most of the room you have. Cover sharp or pointy things that might get caught in straps or scratch your car.  

Crossbars are also great for attaching extras like bike or kayak racks when the bike or kayak is unused. Therefore, any vehicle or mid-sized SUV can benefit from a roof rack with crossbars, an example being the This type of rack can almost double the amount of stuff you can carry while leaving enough room above you. 

2. Put Organization Boxes And Totes In Place 

Rather than haphazardly strapping items to your roof rack, mount durable plastic storage containers for a more organized approach.  

Machined aluminum boxes or weatherproof totes provide sealed compartments to store camping gear, tools, snacks, or whatever else your adventures require. Position the containers along the front and rear bars, securing them with tight ratchet straps or bolts designed explicitly for roof racks. 

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3. Protect Big Polytarps Or Moving Blankets 

With the proper setup, your roof rack can help haul bulky moving supplies or construction materials like polytarps and blankets. Strap the rolls or folded tarps directly to your roof crossbars instead of cramming unwieldy plastic sheeting into the cargo area where it bunches and shifts.  

Use adjustable cam straps tightened across the width and circumference to secure them in place without slipping. 

4. Bring Small Boats, Canoes, Or Kayaks With You 

Many vehicles lack interior space for the ever-popular kayak hobby. But thanks to aftermarket roof racks tailored for the job, hauling boats atop your car or truck opens up a new gateway to aquatic adventures.  

Purpose-built cradle systems securely strap kayaks, canoes, small sailboats, and paddleboards to your roof with cam straps or quick-release buckles. Bow and stern blocks prevent sliding and chafing over road vibrations. 

Adjustable rails let you mount single or multi-boat setups and accommodate various craft sizes. Streamlined designs minimize wind resistance compared to sticking hulls out of a sunroof or tailgate. Roof racks are also height-regulated for safe highway travel.  

If you regularly partake in water sports, an elevated boat carrier is more practical than interior racks or roof basket storage, where boats must be carefully loaded and offloaded each time. Transporting light craft on top leaves cargo space inside freely available, too. 

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5. Make Use of Bungee Cords For Loose Items 

For some, bungee cords are the ultimate utility items to have on hand. So, why not use them to secure random gear on your roof rack?  

Lightweight loose items like ropes, bags, tarps, and safety equipment can all be strapped tightly with bungees. Their elasticity allows wrapping numerous items into a single compact bundle without excessive slack or movement during travel. 

Strong, retractable cords cinch down tighter than thin straps when loaded. And they easily expand to release cargo versus wrestling with buckles. Bungees also won’t scratch surfaces like metal hooks can.  

Lay items aerodynamically along the front and rear crossbars, then crisscross cords for added security. Cover sharp edges with cloth as needed. If you prefer keeping specific gear stowed but accessible, a mix of bungee and hard-shell containers works well. Either way, you gain protected carrying solutions without cluttering interior space.   

6. Consider Customizable Modular Organizational Systems     

For frequent users who want to make the most of the room on their roof, modular storage systems let you set up custom loadouts that fit your vehicle and gear perfectly. Several well-known brands make modular parts that can be assembled from roof rack bars. These include lash points, tool mounts, collapsible cases, and partitioned basket infills.  

Start with a base set that fits the size of your rack. Add only the pieces you need, like rows of D-rings or tie-down points that fit flush. Inside, foam or fabric walls separate baskets into specific sections. Mounting tracks that can be moved around let you move parts around as your packing needs change.  

Over time, small changes to the setting make each setup work better until you find an effective, custom solution that meets all your transport needs. Hence, given the adaptability of flexible storage, creative ways to carry goods become available. 

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7. Move Around With Small Tools And Gear 

With various small organizational bags, cases, and cinch-top dry bags, you can neatly store tools, equipment, and gear on your roof rack while keeping items separated and protected from the elements.  

Transport chainsaws, axes, shovels, fire pits, hoses, and cords are protected from weather and debris. Lash bags lengthwise using multiple straps for security. Compartments also maintain order to avoid searching the truck bed when you need something specific. 


Roof rack makes carrying things on top of any vehicle much easier. Every inch of the roof room can be used for storage if you get creative and use the right attachments. Safe and well-organized gear is kept safe by strong, secure, and well-designed mounts.  

Moreover, customizing makes it possible to move delicate gear as well. 

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