In the digital era, the most important thing you can do is to increase the conversion rate of your site. Your site is the first contact with your customer. It is your very own business card and believe it or not, every tiny detail matters. It needs to reflect your business perfectly, your voice, your spirit and it needs to speak to your target group. Nobody likes generic stuff, and you can’t just leave that lorem ipsum there.  To be able to do this you have to know what your potential customers want and need, so you can make them an offer they can’t refuse.

Not all people are going to convert and this is normal, because some might lack the money, others might not need your products and services right now.  But don’t worry, there are still ways to share your business message effectively. But if your message is a good one, it will stay with them for a long time, so there are chances they will convert later. Here are some of the most effective ways to boost your conversion rate.

Invest in good website analytics tools

Analytics Tools to Improve Website Conversion Rate

The first step of increasing your conversion rate is to invest in good website analytics tools and services which can give you a complete view on how your users behave. Where are they most likely to click and what grabs their attention? Try to find patterns in this data set. By doing that you will create that perfect image of your dream customer and learn their behavior and eventually- what leads them to click that buy button. What you are looking for is to see which page keeps users on your website the most and which ones don’t. Once you know this, you can optimize the poor performing pages and add more sticky content which is likely to increase your conversion rate. And when we say sticky, it would be the stickiest situation since Sticky the stick insect got stuck in a sticky bun.

Test, test, test

One of the best ways to increase your site’s conversion is to try different things and test everything. If it fails, just go forward, find your own custom solution. Learn, combine and dare to try. It is always better than leaving things the way they are. Experiment and analyze the results, so you can see how people interact with your site’s pages. There are plenty of ways to check this out, from recordings to click maps and many more.

Optimize your pages

SEO is important for Website Conversion Rate

When you spot a page that doesn’t perform well, you can optimize its design. Web design is still very important and it depends a lot on the audience. Business owners and search engines prefer a clean, simple design, while other types of audiences might react better to a page with a lot of animation and fun elements. According to a survey conducted by Google, minimalist design is the best option, as most internet users rated clean pages as being more attractive than more complex ones.

Get smart with your forms

Forms are one of the most delicate elements of a site, as they take up time to be completed and might easily cause potential customers to bounce off your site. People don’t have time to fill forms, so you should try to make them as user-friendly as possible. Only keep the mandatory fields and add as many autofill and checkboxes as possible to make the form easier to fill. And for that simple questions that your customers might have, you can always implement chatbot solutions for a fast, automated response. As always, you need to test and test again, until you find the perfect solution for your audience.

Have several different call-to-action buttons

One of the ways to increase the conversion rate on your site is to have several different call-to-action buttons that send a positive message. A simple, authoritative statement is the best option, but you can also test different types of phrases and see which one works best.

Another tried and tested call to action is the one starting with the word “yes”, which entices the user to click on it.

The answer is always simple – don’t overthink, and don’t opt for over the top solution for your website. The answer always lies in a simple interface and minimalist design. Your customers may be overwhelmed by everything, so you need to learn about their behavioral patterns all the time. Measure, adapt small yet effective changes and keep on learning. You will see your results instantly.

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