Generating qualified leads is one of the main priorities for businesses, regardless of the sizes and the industry they belong to. The more leads they have, the more opportunities they will get to increase sales and gain loyal customers. 

That said, the problem is that it’s a mundane and challenging task. More than 61% of marketers consider generating traffic and leads to be their biggest challenge when it comes to digital marketing.

This is where video marketing comes into play. The statistics show that 43% of people want to see more video content from marketers. This is the main reason why businesses are using video marketing as one of their tools to generate leads and increase sales.

This post will break down how you can utilize video marketing to collect more qualified leads.

How is Video Marketing Useful for Lead Generation?

One of the reasons why lead generation is such a big challenge for marketers is that it’s hard to establish trust in the brand-customer relationship. No one will submit their email addresses and other personal information to a brand they don’t trust, right? 

In this situation, video is an engaging medium you can use to generate more trust with your potential prospects and increase your brand online credibility. It allows you to tell stories with the tone, style, and language that match your brand personality and prospects’ interests– in a way that plain text or still-image can’t do. That’s how it becomes a powerful lead generation tool that puts a face to your brand.

By putting a face to the brand, you can create an emotional bond that will encourage people to subscribe to your email list.

5 Powerful Ways to Use Video Marketing for Lead Generation

Just like any other strategy in marketing, not all videos can become an effective lead-generating tool. They have to be well-planned so they can bring you all the leads you’re always hoping for. Here are some best practices to do it:

#1. Value Above Anything Else

The reason why your website visitors convert into leads is that they can see the value that you’re offering. They want to see more valuable content– they submit their contact information so that they won’t miss a thing. 

It’s not just about talking about your product or service and how it works, but also what they will get from using them as well. Make sure that providing value to your visitors is the main priority for your lead-generating videos.

To create valuable lead-generating videos, you can start by answering these questions?

  • Who do you create the video is for?
  • What issues that your potential leads are currently facing?
  • How you can provide them a solution to help them solve those issues?
  • Will those solutions elicit a reaction?

#2. Include Videos in Landing Pages

Landing pages are those powerful pages where users are only a few clicks away from converting into leads. So, it’s crucial to build trust and make them feel more confident to click that convert button. Videos can help you do it.

You can create customer testimonial videos, product demo videos, or explainer videos to explain why visitors need to invest in your products or services before they make their final decision. Those types of videos are effective for building trust and credibility since it showcases your values without making your brand too hard-selling.

#3. Use Videos as Gated Content

Gated content is a common yet effective way for marketers to collect more qualified leads. This is where a visitor needs to submit their contact information to fully access a specific piece of content. In other words, only those who become your leads can watch, download, and save the video.

One thing to remember here is that you need to make sure that you offer something valuable and beneficial for the visitor as they give something in return for the content. After all, who wants to share their email address and names just for mediocre and underwhelming pieces of content that you can find anywhere else, right?

#4. Always Include a Clear Call-to-Action (CTA)

A call-to-Action (CTA) is a very important aspect of your lead-generating video. This is a message that you give to the viewer at the end or beginning part of your videos and it basically tells them what they should do next in order for the desired result– in this case, becoming your leads.

With a clear CTA, you won’t leave your visitors high and dry. They’ll understand the purpose of your video and what you expect them to do. And when you make everything clear, they have a higher chance of converting.

#5. Go Social

With more than 3.4 billion users worldwide, social media has now become a powerful platform to expand your reach and appeal to broader audiences. You can utilize those platforms to share your lead-generating videos to entice more people to convert into your leads.

Since most social media users prefer story-driven and snackable social videos, it’s always better to keep the video short, easy-to-digest, and entertaining. Try to avoid bragging too much about your brand to them. Instead, while telling a story, show and tell them how your product or service can solve their problem and make their lives easier.

Posted by Raul Harman