Running a customer service department like a well-oiled machine that generates leads, boosts retention and loyalty, and drives your company forward is, to put it mildly, a challenging task. You not only need to have an amazing brand that your agents can communicate to your customers and the world, but you also need to hire talented individuals to provide comprehensive training and integrate the right VoIP solution to cut costs and develop all communication channels. You also need an all-encompassing communication strategy and hierarchy to run a tight ship.

As if that weren’t enough, you can’t expect to communicate effectively with your customers if you’re not monitoring relevant KPIs and using them to optimize your support strategy and make the most of your communication tools. And that’s exactly what we will be focusing on today, so here are the top customer service metrics you need to track in order to elevate customer experience and take your sales, marketing, and support to the next level through stellar customer service.

Ticket volume and ticket backlog

The first two metrics are two sides to the same coin and can give you valuable insight into the workload your support staff is dealing with on a daily basis, as well as the amount of work that actually gets done before the day is over. Consequently, the ticket volume and ticked backlog metrics can give you an idea of the realistic capabilities of your support staff, and what that means for the customer who is waiting to get served. Needless to say, the higher the two scores, the higher the chances are that your customers are getting restless.

That said, the former is also a good indicator that your brand is growing and that you’re gaining visibility and exposure in the online world. You want to maintain a steady rise in volume instead of experiencing huge spikes, though, so be sure to offer a first-contact self-service feature so that customers don’t need to contact your agents if they find the answers on their own. This will alleviate some of the pressure, but if the backlog metric becomes too high, then the time has come to hire new support staff.

Average first response time

The modern customer is an impatient one, but they are also chatty and more than willing to get in touch with your brand in hopes of gaining more information and finding the perfect solution to their needs. All of this means that you have a limited window of opportunity to respond to every customer and tend to their needs before they give up on you and head over to your competitors’ websites. Now, you might think that your agents are replying to customer queries fast enough, but your customers might not share that sentiment.

The fact is you can’t know for sure until you start tracing your average first response time. Of course, it should be as low as possible if you want to maximize customer satisfaction, so make sure to use a template for first responses and automate this process to make that initial contact instantaneous. Don’t forget to personalize it by addressing the customer by their first name, because after all, first impressions are everything.

Important call KPIs and analytics

Call KPIs are numerous and they encompass a broader range of processes and insights that we can’t put into a single metric, so we are going to observe them as a group. To gather valuable insights and create detailed reports on calls and customers, you need a reliable VoIP phone system that has built-in analytics and reporting capabilities.

Of course, it’s important to compare your options, so be sure to find a professional VoIP service that offers the right features, price plans, and other important factors. Ideally, you want your VoIP system to provide call tracking, recording, reporting, data analytics, lead management and scoring, and more. When you have these capabilities, you can easily determine to call KPIs like duration, impressions, satisfaction, value, and others.

Customer satisfaction score

We have mentioned customer satisfaction a few times, and we need to stress the importance of constantly improving this metric in order to take your brand forward as a whole. By and large, your customer service department will be tasked with maintaining and improving customer experience and satisfaction, so you need to make sure that they’re doing a good job.

Typically, a CSAT score of 80% or higher is considered excellent, however, you need to keep comparing the latest score with your last month’s CSAT to gain relevant insights. A CSAT score of 80% on its own is great, but if that’s 10% lower than last month, then you need to research why that is in order to prevent churn over the long term.

First contact resolution rate

Finally, remember what we said about the modern customer being impatient? Nowadays, it’s not just about providing quick first response, it’s also about resolving the problem upon first contact. Be sure to monitor the first contact resolution rate to see how successful your agents are at resolving issues immediately. This will greatly affect the customer’s overall experience and will help you generate leads, inspire conversions, and most importantly, retain loyal customers for the long haul.

You can hire the best support staff in the world and integrate the best phone system money can buy, but if you’re not monitoring the right metrics, you’ll never be able to maximize your investment. Monitor these KPIs to build a strong customer service team and elevate customer satisfaction.

Posted by Raul Harman