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It wasn’t all that long ago when gamers were choosing whether to purchase a PS4 or XBOX One. In fact, it was at the E3 event back in 2013 when both consoles were officially announced. After learning that Sony’s juggernaut option would be more powerful and initially cheaper, it became a no-brainer for many. Plenty of time has passed since then, and we are now in a position to see that the PlayStation 4 has, in fact, attracted the majority of gamers as a percentage when compared to the XBOX One. With that said, let’s explore some great accessories to consider marrying with your amazing console. Let’s begin.

PS4 Headset

Audio is one of those features which helps to enhance gameplay and provide you with a fantastic atmosphere. Just imagine playing a game on mute, how dull would that be? It seems fair to say that the earbud headset included with the console is as basic as you’ll come across. Therefore, it makes total sense that you should consider upgrading from this when you’re in a position to do so. Slipping on a great PS4 headset is when you’ll probably realise just what you were missing out on all along. Do you get a wireless or wired headset? Just one of the questions you’ll need to ask yourself. It’s your budget which will dictate the range you’ll go for – whether it be budget, medium or premium.  

PS4 Arcade Stick

This is the accessory to consider for those who love fighting games. The DualShock 4 controller is great in many ways, but it’s not what you really want when playing Street Fighter V, or any games within this genre. Arcade sticks deliver a nostalgic vibe that cannot be replicated with other control pads and accessories. One thing you should note with this type of device, is that they are generally expensive. Build quality is an important aspect when buying a PS4 arcade stick, it’s the feel and aesthetics that contribute towards a top quality fight stick.

PS4 Steering Wheel

Do you love racing games? If so, you are probably excited about GT Sport, an upcoming exclusive game that is expected to set the racing genre on fire. It’s this very reason as to why now is probably a good time to be exploring the idea about purchasing a PS4 racing wheel. There is nothing more realistic than screeching around a race track, guided by your hand movements placed on a quality steering wheel.

Another DS4 Controller

If you plan on using the PS4 with others, then it makes absolute sense to rush out and buy a second controller. Yet, if you prefer to play solo, then you will still likely want to get an additional Dualshock 4 controller. Simply put, because the DS4 is wireless, you can counter low-battery issues by rotating between a charged controller and a non-charged controller. In addition, you have a variety of colours to pick from, not just the default colour of black – great if you like to spice things up.

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